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About Peru – Toronto Business Guide

Who we are

This guide has been developed by the Consulate of Peru in Toronto, in order to support the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs who want to establish and develop business in the province of Ontario (Toronto); as well as those Canadian businessmen who want to venture into the Peruvian market.


Dual purpose of encouraging and promoting entrepreneurship, scalability and internationalization of micro, small and medium Peruvian enterprises in Canada and viceversa, Canadian enterprises interested in expanding their business to Peru.


This Business Guide has been developed by the Consulate General of Peru in Toronto in collaboration with the local business consultancy “WW Calls Canada”, the Peruvian Law Firm “Llona y Bustamente” and “PERU Connect”, the Peruvian Start up launching the next generation of interactive platforms with very innovative solutions to build the new and connected Digital Economy.

Main Goal

The Business Guide provides guidance on how to start and finance businesses, support for micro, small and medium enterprises, offers an interactive ecosystem with Real-Time communications, digital content and a variety of services, and the special programs and incentives that both the Province of Ontario and the Country of Peru have for this type of initiatives.