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The interactive Digital Media Room

The PERU-CANADA Business Guide have integrated a new Real-Time communications feature:

Connecting to the interactive Digital Media Room (iDMR)



  • The PERU-TORONTO Business Guide offers an interactive digital Platform that enables and facilitates face-to-face communications and collaboration between members that are invited to participate in an
  • iDMR is intended to serve as Face-To-Face Digital Corridor with Peer-To-Peer content Collaboration and Broadcasting Services.
  • iDMR also integrate Websites that deliver targeted content, message and/or information to the visitors/users.

System Requirements and Tests:

  • iDMR currently supports: PC, Lap Top, MAC, Linux Devices supporting WebRTC compliance as standard.
  • Apple IOS is NOT currently supported.
  • Check your device. See if your device is WebRTC ready: http://test.webrtc.org
  • Connection of 2/Mbps is required – check your internet speed.
  • iDMR currently recommends and supports the use of the Google Chrome Browser – We recommend Chrome. DOWNLOAD LATEST COPY

Other supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox & Opera


1- Using PC, Lap Top, MAC, or Linux launch the Google Chrome Browser Apple IOS is NOT currently supported

2- Open the following link with CHROME Browser, add your name and “allow” video and audio: https://we2.video/room/consulate-general-peru/meet

3- Follow Captcha Instructions - Submit

If you run into problems this is how to troubleshoot:

  1. Clear you Browser Cache and Cookies.
  2. Check Firewall settings to assure you are not blocked.
  3. Close applications such as Skype, WebEx , Zoom and/or any other application that takes control of the camera and microphone and reboot your device.
  4. Allow access to your camera and microphone.

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